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What Does Fair Housing Mean?

The federal Fair Housing Act makes it illegal to discriminate in housing based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, or dis more

7 Steps to Successfully Sell Land Online

This post is republished courtesy of the REALTORS® Land Institute, which elevates the level of professionalism in the land industry by providing all more

Stage Your Outdoor Spaces

When preparing for a sale, homeowners often focus on curb appeal and interior staging to entice buyers. Staging outdoor areas—decks, patios, and oth more

How to Live in a Show-Ready House

Your house looks beautiful. You’ve cleaned, decluttered, cleaned more, and followed the advice of a professional stager. How can your family con more

Consider All of the Costs of Buying a Home

Purchase price is important, but it is not the only factor when buying a home. Consider the following “costs” when choosing a place to live. Cost more

Steps to Boost Your Credit Score

There aren’t shortcuts to improving your credit score. You’ll need to make sound financial decisions for at least several months to offset previou more

Thinking of Remodeling? Take Into Account the Effect on Your Insurance

Remodeling your home can affect your homeowners insurance in several ways, and it may be helpful to talk with your insurance agent before the project more

REALTORS® Will Always Be There For You

A century ago, real estate leaders from across Texas formed an association dedicated to professionalism. They wanted to drive unscrupulous operators f more

REALTORS® Give Back to Their Communities

REALTORS® work in your area every day, helping you and others achieve real estate goals. Whether the transaction involves residential property, land, more

Can You Tell if These Emails Are Legitimate?

Phishing is a term for criminals sending legitimate-looking emails that trick recipients into divulging their personal or financial information. Crimi more