Market Data:
Average Sales Price = $224,979 | Average Days On Market = 35
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Landlord FAQ

Q:  What are your fees?

A.  Our fees are very competitive.  We would be delighted to schedule an in home consultation or a phone

consultation to discuss our commission structure.  Fee structure is as important as the Services Provided.

Q.   How long is the agreement?

A.  We typically sign a 12 month agreement. We do not typically sign leases less than 12 months unless it is mutually


Q.   How do you screen tenants?

A.  We use National Tenants Network and run credit, criminal, previous land lord and employment verification.

Q.  Where do you market?

A.  We will market your property on many rental specific websites, place sign in your yard and list you on the leasing

side of the MLS( Multiple Listing Service)

Q.  What if the tenant stops paying?

A.  In the event a tenant fails to pay rent by the due date we send them a 3 day notice to vacate.  If rent is not

collected after the 3 day notice being sent we then file the eviction with the court.

Q.  How do I get my money?

A.  We send owner funds by direct deposit no later than the 10th of each month as long as we have collected rent.

Q.  What if I sell the house?

A.  The lease conveys with the property.  The new property owner would then have to honor the lease.  Should the

tenant we place in the property desire to purchase and you to sell to them CENTURY 21 – A Team company will

handle the transaction for a total 6% of the gross sales price.

Q.  Can I list the property for sale and lease at the same time?

A.  Yes,  your real estate sales agent would list the property for sale, we would list the property for lease and which

ever happens first wins. The other party stops marketing at that time.

Q.  What do you consider to be a good tenant?

A.  We want to make sure your tenant makes at least 3 times the monthly rent does not have any drug trafficking or

pedophile charges, does not owe any previous landlords and has decent credit.  We look at NTN’s credit report

scoring analysis not just the score so we can best advice you as to their financial history.  YOU MAKE THE FINAL


Q.  How do I set what the rental amount will be?

A.  We can run a comparative market analysis for you based on the location of your home and its size.  We will then

be able to see what other homes in the area have leased for and about how long it takes to lease them out.  Based

on the number of houses currently on the market and how many have leased in the last 6 months to a year, we will

be able to set a beginning rental rate.  Then based on the activity it may be necessary to modify our pricing in order to

maximize your income.


Tenant FAQ

Q. Do you have any properties available for rent?

A. “Yes, Do you have access to the internet?” If yes, “Our website is _____________. If no access to internet, we can offer to mail a

packet of available listings to them, or they can pick up a printed list inside our main office and in an exterior mail box at our door at 204

E. Main St, Crowley, TX 76036

Q. Do you have any Section 8 homes available?

A.  No, for help with Section 8 refer to or Get There First Realty.

Q. What do you look for when I submit an application?

A. There are 4 areas we research.  We run your credit and criminal reports. Also, we verify your rental history and employment.

On your credit, we view your overall payment history with present and previous creditors; we are looking for evidence of good payment

history. We also look for bankruptcies, foreclosures and repossessions. If you have any of these items, it is NOT an automatic denial

but you may be asked to put up a double or triple deposit. Evictions and owing a current or previous landlord will be grounds for denial

of leasing from us. On the criminal background check, pedophile and drug trafficking activity are grounds for automatic denial.

Q. Will your owner take less rent?

A. You have the right to make an offer, however, please be aware that in today’s market we are receiving multiple applications on most

properties. If you make an offer of less than the asking price, you take the risk of losing the opportunity to get that home.  We present all

offers in hand to the owner. We will not process your application until the written offer you submitted is approved by the owner in

writing, contingent upon the qualification of the applicant.

Q. Can we do repairs in lieu of a deposit?

A. NO, tenants are not painters, contractors etc. In our experience they do more damage to the home and then we have no deposit.

Q. Can we paint or make other changes to the property?

A. Anything you want to do to the house will need to be requested in writing, and the owner will have to approve it.

Q. I want to see the rental right now.

A. We ask that you drive by the property and check out the location and neighborhood, then let us know that you are ready to schedule

a showing.

Q. Can we see the property without an agent?

A. No. The owners ask us to accompany prospects for all showings.  If we are unavailable to show, we refer them to a C21JF Sales

Agent who has agreed to show our rentals, or we schedule Melix Bonilla or Deborah Carter to show.

Q. Can I submit an application before viewing the property?

A. Yes, but we strongly suggest that they view the property first with an agent.

Q. Do your property managers have an application with them when they show the property?

A. Yes, we also have applications on our website at _____________.

Q. Can we pay a deposit and hold the house for 45-60 days?

A. Typically we would state no, unless the owner approves otherwise.  We require that an applicant begin paying rent within 2 weeks of

the available date.

Q. Can I be the only one on the application, my wife does not work.

A. We require that anyone 18 or older must apply as an applicant and must be on the lease. If something were to happen and the wife

was the only one left living in the house, it would put us in a bad position legally for eviction.

Q. If we have to put up a second deposit, can we get it back after paying on time for 6 months?

A. No. Once a deposit is paid, it remains as a deposit for the tenant’s entire length of the lease.  If we require a higher deposit, it was

warranted based on your credit history.

Q. Can we talk to the owner directly so we can tell them why we have poor credit or rental history?

A. No. The owner has hired us to manage the property for them.  All communication must be directly with us and we will present to the


Q. How do I report repairs?

A. We advise that all repairs must be in writing with the exception of emergencies (which should be called in first, then must be

written).  In emergencies, make sure they have the Duncanville # on hand always. If non-emergency, refer them to the website to

submit repairs.

Q. What happens if I break my lease early?

A. Refer them to the default paragraph and early termination part of their lease.

Q. What if I get a pet at some point and/or I have ___ pet (if applicant)?

A. Advise no to all restricted breeds. Also, pets are approved by owners with a $400/non-refundable pet fee. If they are current tenants,

advise them the owner must approve the pet first and that a pet fee must be paid as well as have an addendum signed BEFORE the

pet can occupy the property.

Q. What utility company do I use? How do I get it set up?

A. Refer them to, and tell them call if they have any questions/trouble with the site.

Q. We have pest problems (cock roaches, ants, rodents etc.).

A. The owner is responsible for wood destroying pests only.  It is the tenant’s responsibility to treat any others.  We can give them a

very reasonable exterminator for them to contact.  *If the tenant just moved in, we request the owner to do a onetime treatment for